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To facilitate communication and a rich exchange of knowledge among academia, industry, and research societies whose works involve mechanics.

These are lands nurtured generations of mechanicians such as Sir Isaac Newton PRS, Sir William Thomson Lord Kelvin, James Watt FRS FRSE, etc. On this land, we meet and quest again the frontiers of mechanics and the interactive boundaries with many other disciplines. This conference is split from the previous International Symposium on Energy Challenges and Mechanics (ECM1, ECM2, ECM3, ECM4, ECM5 and ECM6). The focus is on the applications of mechanics, not only in energy but also in other areas such as biomedical devices, astrophysics, microfluidics and nanofluidics, flexible electronics, biological fluid dynamics, extreme loading scenarios, environmental flows, etc. Detailed topics can be found here.

Impact of symposium series

Aberdeen, United Kingdom.

9-12 July 2018

In memory of Issac Newton

331 years since the publicatin of "Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy" by Sir Isaac Newton FRS, an English physicist and mathematician. The book laid the foundations for classical mechanics.

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Who should attend?
Attendees include scientists and engineers whose work involves mechanics.



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